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Uninstall and reinstall the Zebra 2824 tag and label printer

This article outlines the steps to uninstall the Zebra 2824 tag and label printer in Windows and reinstall it in Point of Sale.

Detailed Instructions

Note: You must have your Point of Sale installation CD to reinstall the Zebra printer.

To remove or uninstall the Zebra 2824 printer:
  1. Click the Microsoft Windows Logo button and choose Control Panel.
  2. In the View by dropdown, select Small icons.
  3. Click Devices and Printers.
  4. Right-click the Zebra LP2824 and choose Remove device. Confirm the removal.
  5. Click Print server properties.
  6. Click the Drivers tab and select the Zebra printer.
  7. Click Remove and confirm the removal.
  8. Close all windows.

To reinstall the Zebra 2824 printer:
  1. From Point of Sale, choose Edit > Preferences > Workstation (In Version 10 choose File > Preferences > Workstation).
  2. Select Documents & Printers and click Hardware Setup Wizard.
  3. Select Tag Printer in the left side and then select A new supported tag printer.
  4. Click Next and select the appropriate Zebra 2824, depending on whether it is a USB or Parallel unit.
  5. Click Next and follow the on-screen instructions to install your printer.
Note: If you want to install the Zebra printer using Windows go to Point of Sale hardware drivers and installation instructions and select Zebra tag printer from the hardware list.
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