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Set shipment defaults for UPS and FedEx in QuickBooks Shipping Manager

With QuickBooks Shipping Manager, you can create shipping preferences so that your shipping forms will default to your most frequent shipping characteristics. For example, you can create default settings for weight, package type, package dimensions, and shipping method. Then when you ship an item through QuickBooks Shipping Manager, your default shipping information is pre-filled in the shipping form. By using this feature, you have the option to review and change any shipping information that may be different for a particular item before you ship it.

Detailed instructions

To create or edit shipment defaults for UPS or FedEx:

  1. From the File menu, select Shipping > FedEx Shipping Options then click Settings.
    From the File menu, select Shipping > UPS Shipping Options then click Settings.
  2. Select Shipping Defaults in the Shipping Manager Settings window.
  3. Select or enter the shipment options for your carrier and click OK.

For example, when you are ready to ship an item from a sales receipt or an invoice, click the Ship icon to open the Shipping Manager window where you can view or change any of your default shipping information before you ship the item.

Please see QuickBooks Shipping Manager frequently asked questions for more information about its features and benefits.

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