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Rename a QuickBooks company file on a Mac

In certain situations, you may need to rename a QuickBooks company file. For example:

  • Your company's name has changed, and you want your company file name to represent the new name.
  • You created a QuickBooks company file, and you misspelled it or used the wrong name.
  • You created a new copy of a company file while troubleshooting a QuickBooks issue, and you want the new file to use the same name as the previous company file name.
Detailed instructions

Estimated time: 5 minutes

Note: You're about to make changes to your QuickBooks company file outside of the QuickBooks application. Before proceeding with these steps, it's a good idea to back up your company file as a precaution.

To rename a QuickBooks company file:

  1. Locate your Comapny Data file.
    1. Open QuickBooks (and the data file in question)
    2. Click Help and then select Product Information (or simply press CMD + 1)
    3. At the bottom of the screen, the File Location will be listed.
      Note: If the data file is clicked, the enclosing folder will open in Finder

  2. Click on the Data file name
    • This will launch the file in the finder window with the file highligted
  3. Click on the file name to make the text editable
  4. Enter the new company file name and press Enter to save the changes
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