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Intuit Data Services: Uploading your file via Intuit File Exchange


If your data file is damaged, it may be possible to recover information by sending it to Intuit Data Services. Please note that fees may apply. For information on the fee schedule and turnaround times, refer to our Data Recovery page .

To request data recovery service from Intuit Data Services, contact QuickBooks Technical Support. The agent will give you a service request number and a PIN, with which you will log in to the Intuit File Transfer web site.

If you lose or forget your PIN, Use the Data Services Case Status Information web site.

Detailed Instructions


Once you receive your service request number and PIN, follow the steps below to upload your data file(s):

  1. Open a browser window and log in to the Intuit File Exchange web site.
    • Read the Terms of Service and select the option I have read and agree to the Terms of Service if you agree.
    • Enter your Case Number, E-Mail and PIN you received from QuickBooks Technical Support.
    • Click Sign In.
  2. Upload the data file:
    • In the Customer File Upload section, click the Browse.. button.
    • Browse and select your file.
      • In QuickBooks, press F2. On the left hand side, about one third of the down, you will see your data file name and location.
      • Note the name of your data file, it will end in .qbw.
      • Similarly named files that end in .qbw.nd, .qbw.tlg, or .qbw.dns are not what you want to upload.
      • You do not want to upload your program file Qbw32.exe or QuickBooksEnterprise14.exe.
    • Click Open in the Choose file window and select the name of the file you want to upload.

      Ensure there are no apostrophes in the filename or the file path (folders containing the file) or you'll receive the following error when attempting to upload the file:

    Please Remove the Apostrophe from the file name and try again. ("")

    • Click the Upload button. When the upload has completed you will be notified by onscreen messaging.
  3. (Optional) To upload additional files, click the Clear button, then repeat steps 2 and 3.
  4. (Optional) Bookmark the logon window in your Internet browser window so that you can easily download your file, upload additional files or check the status of your case.


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