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Completed assembly build now marked as pending

An assembly build that was final (completed), may have the status changed to pending if the following occurred:

  1. A memorized sales transaction that included one or more inventory components of the assembly build was set up for automatic entry.
  2. The memorized sales transaction, when entered, was dated prior to the assembly build.
  3. Entering the sales transaction resulted in insufficient quantity on hand for the inventory components needed for the assembly build.

Because an assembly build cannot be finalized without sufficient quantities on hand of all components in the build, the above sequence of events, and the resulting insufficient inventory quantities, causes the assembly build to switch to a pending status. QuickBooks, however, does not issue a warning.

Detailed instructions

Important: The following solution may cause a discrepancy in your books if your assembly build and customer sales dates will conflict by making the suggested change. You may want to consult with your accountant, or another accounting professional, to determine if this solution will work for you.  

If you do not have sufficient inventory quantities for both the memorized sales transaction and the assembly build, determine if some items that were purchased were not entered in QuickBooks, or if more items need to be purchased. Inventory and purchasing reports, found on the QuickBooks Reports menu, can assist in making this determination. If inventory was purchased but not recorded in QuickBooks, enter the necessary transactions to update the quantity on hand amounts. Remember, though, that the transaction dates are important. The items must be in inventory before the build date. If necessary, you can change the build date to match the date when you have enough quantity on hand for each assembly component.

Note: If you need to purchase additional inventory, consider the date the new inventory will be recorded in QuickBooks when determining a new build date, and please review the important notice above. To change the build date:

  1. From the QuickBooks Reports menu, choose Inventory, and then Pending Builds.
  2. In the report, double-click the pending assembly build item.
  3. In the Build Assemblies window, change the Date field to the date when you have sufficient quantities on hand for all assembly components.
  4. Click the Remove Pending Status button, and then click Build & Close to complete the assembly build (or click Build & New if you want to build another assembly item).
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