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Use the Windows Task Manager utility to end an unresponsive program

When you are starting or working with an application and the program suddenly becomes unresponsive, you may want to use the Windows Close Program or Task Manager utility to safely quit the unresponsive program without restarting your computer. You can also use this same utility to find out which programs are currently running on your computer.

Detailed Instructions
  1. Open the Task Manager
    1. On your keyboard, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete or right click on the your task bar and select task manager.
    2. Click the Task List, Task Manager, or Start Task Manager button.
  2. End the Program
    1.  Select the Applications tab. This tab displays a list of all programs that are currently running.
    2. Not Responding will appear after the name of the unresponsive program.
    3. Quit the program by selecting it from the list and then clicking the End Task button.
    4. Click the Close (X) button in the upper right corner to close the Task Manager window.

Note: Please be aware that when you quit a program in this manner, you will lose any unsaved information in that program.

Caution: Do not cancel the QuickBooks rebuild, update, or condense utilities once they have started .QuickBooks includes self-diagnosing and self-repairing utilities that can be used to check your data files. These utilities may take some time to process depending on your computer processor speed, free memory, and size of your data file. When you are rebuilding, updating, or cleaning up (condensing) your data file on your local hard disk, the process may take some time, especially if your data file is large. It is important that you let the utility complete. Canceling any of these utilities in process can cause unrecoverable corruption in the company file. Be sure to have a backup company file before performing these processes on the QuickBooks company file. You can verify that your computer is still processing data by checking that you get a response from the pointer when you move your mouse. If you can move your mouse pointer on your screen, your computer is still processing data and the utility has not completed. Watching the light on the CPU is not a good way to determine if the computer is processing data.




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