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Resolve data issues if the data file is on a network drive (copy company file local)

When you need to perform data file operations, you need to do them on the same computer where the data file is stored. These operations must be done by the QuickBooks Administrator in single user mode. Data file operations include:

It is important to perform these file operations on the same computer where the date is stored. Doing so prevents damaging the company files due to unstable network connections and other factors affecting network performance.

Many networks are set up with QuickBooks installed on all of the workstations, but only the QuickBooks Data Manager is installed on the server. If this is how your network is set up, you have two options:

  • Install QuickBooks on the computer where the company is stored.
  • Copy your data file local to your desktop, i.e., copy your data file local.
 Keep in mind:
  • Stored on your local computer means stored on the hard drive (C:\), not on an external drive, a CD or DVD drive, USB drive or a Network Attached Storage.
  • Logging in remotely to another computer is NOT running QuickBooks across a network. Be sure that you are logging in to the computer that:
    • Has the full QuickBooks program installed.
    • Stores the company data file.
Detailed instructions

Install the full program on your server

  1. Install the full QuickBooks program on the server.
    Important: Your license entitles you to install an additional copy of the program on your server for just this reason.
  2. Start QuickBooks Desktop on the server.
  3. Open the company file.
  4. Log in to the file as the administrator and switch to single user mode.
  5. Run the operation.
  6. Switch to multi user mode (MU) and exit QuickBooks on the server.


Copy your data file to a workstation

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