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Find the QuickBooks Desktop version last used to open your company file or create a backup

There may be occasions when you need to know what version of QuickBooks Desktop was last used to open a company data file. This information is tracked both by Windows and QuickBooks.

Detailed instructions

If your file is open in QuickBooks Desktop, use the Product Information window

  1. In QuickBooks, press F2 or CTRL+1.
  2. In the Product Information window, find the Versions Used on File section.

The most recently used version is shown at the bottom of the list:



V27 QuickBooks Desktop 2017
V26 QuickBooks Desktop 2016
V25 QuickBooks Desktop 2015
V24 QuickBooks Desktop 2014
KB ID# HOW12135
4/28/2017 2:41:37 PM
QYPPRDQBKSWS07 9138 Pro 2017 7c544e