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Printer settings for check alignment are not saved in QuickBooks

After setting alignment for printed checks and printing the check(s), you may find the settings are not saved.

Why this is happening
QuickBooks stores individual printer settings for each type of document you print. For checks and paychecks, this allows you to save alignment settings specific to your printer. The file that stores those settings can become damaged and you may need to rename the file to force QuickBooks to create a new one.


How to fix it

Rename the qbprint file.

Important: This will return all of your printer settings to their defaults. You may need to edit your settings for all the other types of documents that you print from QuickBooks.



KB ID# SLN44110
2/8/2016 11:31:44 PM
PPRDQSSWS401 9132 Pro 2016 b97d53