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Record in-kind donations (non-cash donations) in QuickBooks Desktop

Record a donation of goods or services to a nonprofit organization in QuickBooks Desktop as an in-kind donation.

  • Record services performed (Labor, Clerical work, ....).
  • Record items that have a value (computers, furniture, ...).
How to fix it
In-kind donations are recorded as a General Journal Entry (GJE) in QuickBooks.
  1. Set up the recommended accounts that you need to record the donation.
    • In-kind Income (income account).
    • Labor or Services Donated (Expense).
    • Items donated (Asset).
  2. Create a Journal Entry in QuickBooks.
    1. From the Company menu, choose Make Journal Entries.
    2. Enter the date of the donation.
    3. Select/enter an Income Account (In-Kind Income)and enter the amount of the donation under the Credit column.
    4. Fill in Memo field with any additional information if needed.
    5. Enter the Customers name (who the donation was received from) in the Name field.
    6. Enter the Asset or Expense account (depending on the donated item or service) and the amount under the Debit column.
    7. Click on Save and Close or Save and New if adding additional General Journal entries.
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