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Creating an automatic recurring payment (check) to a vendor

You want to set up a recurring payment to a vendor that will occur automatically.

How to fix it

To set up an automatic recurring payment use the following procedure:

  1. Find an existing check or create a new one.
    1. If you have already created a check for the vendor with the amount you want to pay, find the check from any of the following:
      • From the Register:
        1. From the Banking menu, click Use Register (Ctrl+R).
        2. If you have multiple accounts, choose the appropriate bank account.
        3. Find and double click the check you want to memorize.
      • From the Check Detail report:
        1. From the Reports menu, choose Banking and click Check Detail.
        2. (Optional) Filter the Transaction Type to Check and the Name to All vendors.
        3. Find and double click the check you want to memorize.
      • From the Vendor Center:
        1. From the Vendors menu, choose Vendor Center.
        2. Go to the Transactions tab and choose Checks.
        3. Find and double-click the check you want to memorize.
    2. If you have not created a check yet:
      1. From the Banking menu, click Write Check (Ctrl+W).
      2. Fill out the check as you want it to appear each time.
      3. Click Save & Close
  2. Memorize the check.

    1. On the check window, click Memorize (Ctrl + M) or from the Edit menu, click Memorize Check.
    2. Choose the reminder option.
    3. In the How Often field, choose the frequency (monthly, weekly, daily, etc).
    4. In the Next Date field, choose the date of the next payment.
    5. In the Number Remaining field, enter the number of payment you wish the program to enter.
    6. In the Days In Advance To Enter field, enter how many days in advance you want the program to record the transaction or remind you to enter. Choose 0 if you want it to post on the day of choice.
    7. Click OK to memorize the transaction and return to the Write Checks window.
    8. Uncheck the To be printed box if it is auto-pay.
      Note: If you don’t check the box, it will appear on the Print Check queue on the day it is recorded.
    9. (Optional) For autopay, change the check number to Autopayment or Epay.
    10. Click the Save & Close button to save the check.
  3. Based on the reminder option you selected, you will either receive a reminder to create the check or to print it when the next occurrence is due.


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