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Correcting the Customer Name in a Sales Receipt Once a Credit Card Has Been Processed Using Merchant Services

The name in the Customer Name field was incorrect for the sales receipt that was entered and the credit card payment has been processed via Merchant Services.

Solution Description
The Sales Receipt with the incorrect information will have to be deleted. QuickBooks will not allow the Customer Name field in a Sales Receipt used in a processed payment to be changed. Once the Sales Receipt is deleted a new Sales Receipt can be created with the correct Customer Name.

Solution Details

  1. Delete the incorrect Sales Receipt:
    1. Open the Customers menu, and select Enter Sales Receipt.
    2. Click Previous to bring up the previously entered Sales Receipt with the incorrect customer name.
    3. Open the Edit menu, and select Delete Sales Receipt.
      Note: Deleting the Sales Receipt with the incorrect customer name will not cancel the payment that was already processed.
  2. Re-create the Sales Receipt:
    1. Go back to the Customers menu, and select Enter Sales Receipt.
    2. Re-enter the Sales Receipt with the same information, but with the correct customer name.
    3. Remove the check mark from the Process payment when saving box.
    4. Click Save and Close, to record the corrected Sales Receipt.

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