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Report of all Customer Invoices, sequentially by Invoice Number

You want to run a report that shows all invoices for all customers, sorted by the invoice number. You do not want the report sorted or grouped by date, customer:job name or item.

How to fix it

One way to run the report is:

  1. In the menu bar, select Reports, and then Custom Reports and then Transaction Detail.
  2. The Customize Report window opens automatically.
  3. On the Display tab:
    1. Select a Date range or From and To Dates.
    2. Select Sort by = Num.
  4. Click the Filters tab:
    1. Select Transaction Type, and then select invoice.
    2. Select Detail Level, and then select Summary only.
  5. Click the Header/Footer Tab:
    1. Click into the Report Title field.
    2. Enter the title All Invoices by Number.
  6. Click OK and allow the report to run.
  7. Memorize the report for future use.
KB ID# SLN43554
8/29/2016 6:26:59 PM
QYPPRDQBKSWS09 9132 Pro 2016 a212b1