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Changing the Next Delivery Date for Open Purchase Orders

When viewing an Open Purchase Order report in QuickBooks, the Delivery Date column, also displayed as "Deliv Date" might be displaying an incorrect date.
When viewing an Inventory Reorder Report by Vendor in QuickBooks, the Next Delivery column, also displayed as "Next Deliv" might be displaying an incorrect date.

This date is represented on the purchase order form in the "Expected Date" field, and defaults to the date the purchase order was entered.

Solution Description

To change the delivery date on an open purchase order form from an Open Purchase Order report:

  1. From the QuickBooks Reports menu and select Purchases > Open Purchase Orders.
  2. In the Deliv Date column, double-click the date you want to change.
  3. Click the Expected Date field, and change the date.
  4. Click Save & Close.
  5. In the Recording Transaction window, click Yes.

To add the Expected Date field to a Purchase Order form, if it is not available:

QuickBooks 2007 and Later:
  1. From the QuickBooks Vendors menu and select Create Purchase Orders.
  2. Click the Customize drop-down arrow at the top, and select Additional Customization.
  3. Click the Header tab, and change the title of the Expected field to Expected Date.
  4. Select the checkbox in the Screen column next to the Expected field. (Optional: If you would like to print the Expected Date, place a checkmark in the Print column of the Expected field.)
  5. Click OK
Note: The Expected Date and the Due Date on purchase orders will often be different. The Due Date is based on the Terms set up for the vendor listed on the purchase order form.

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