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Error APPCRASH qbwin32.exe

While working with QuickBooks, you receive the following error;

Error APPCRASH qbwin32.exe

This error can occur when opening/closing QuickBooks, or creating/editing a transaction.

How to fix it

The error message is a generic windows error that occurs inside if Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 when the program installation has become corrupt or when something is interfering with QuickBooks.  

Intuit recommends more than one solution for this problem. The first solution may solve your problem, or you may need to try all of them to resolve the issue. For best results, perform the solutions in the order shown.

Solution 1: Test by turning User Account Control (UAC) on/off

Solution 2: Perform a Clean Uninstall and Reinstall Quickbooks

Solution 3 :  Selective Startup Troubleshooting

  1. Click Start All Program > Accessories > Run.
  2. Type MSCONFIG into the run window.
  3. Click on the Services tab.  A list of Services loaded by the installed programs will appear.
  4. Check the box titled Hide all Microsoft Services.
  5. Click the Disable All button to the right of the checkbox.  All Services from 3rd parties will be unchecked.
  6. Click the Startup tab.  A list of all the programs that startup whenever Windows starts is displayed.
  7. Click the Disable All button.
  8. Click the Apply Button, then click OK.  
  9. Hit Yes to restart the computer.
  10. After the computer restarts, click the OK button on the Windows message stating that we are in Selective Startup Mode and Close the System Configuration Screen by clicking the red 'X' in the upper right had corner.
  11. Attempt to open QuickBooks.

If QuickBooks opens successfully:  Follow an elimination process by repeating Steps 1 thru 6 but instead of clicking Disable All, start enabling a couple of services at a time (four or five) then finish the rest of the steps (7 thru 11).  If QuickBooks works with all the Services enabled we will move on to the Startup tab and proceed with the same elimination process for this section.  This should help us to determine which program that is interfering with QuickBooks.  

Solution 4: Repair the .Net Framework using the Component Repair Tool

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8/25/2016 6:38:18 PM
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