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Qbwin.log: LVL_ERROR--Returning NULL QBWinInstance Handle

Your Qbwin.log displays the following error:

LVL_ERROR--Returning NULL QBWinInstance Handle

Why this is happening

We believe that this error in log file (“LVL_ERROR--Returning NULL QBWinInstance Handle” ) is not related to data damage in your company file or to the failure of the Verify Data Utility failure. It is mainly being logged into Qbwin.log on launch of QuickBooks when QB Instance handle is NULL. In fact, QB Instance handle is called multiple times during the QB launch and it happens that in some cases at very early state of QB this is not instantiated.


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KB ID# SLN41261
9/1/2015 7:08:36 AM
PPRDQSSWS405 9125 Pro 2015 765af6