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Fixed Asset Manager (FAM) - Unexpected results

Fixed Asset Manager (FAM) is a program that is only available with QuickBooks Premier Accountant, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Accountant. It is an application that calculates depreciation of fixed assets based on the standard published by IRS.

This article will cover unexpected result while working with Fixed Asset Manager including journal entries and reports. See Fixed Asset Manager 101 if you need the regular workflow of this application, .

This article covers the following scenarios:

  • Assets from another company file are displaying in Fixed Asset Manager
  • Cannot assign a Fixed Asset Manager (FAM) number to a Fixed Asset item
  • Columns are not working when importing a CSV file into QuickBooks Fixed Asset Manager
  • Disposed assets still display in Fixed Asset Manager after closing the previous year
  • Groupings are not showing up in FAM
  • Accumulated Depreciation amount does not show correctly in the QuickBooks column when posting Journal Entries from FAM to QuickBooks
  • Error: Invalid Printer Driver
  • Fixed Asset Manager Report is Missing
  • Incorrect Calculations: Journal Entries
  • Incorrect Calculations: Reports
  • Journal Entry is Out of Balance
  • Unbalanced Posting Entry


Intuit articles have limited information about depreciation methods. For detailed discussion, visit the IRS publication 946.

How to fix it
Reports and Journal Entries
Other Resources


Fixed Asset Manager (FAM) Support Articles


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