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Accounts Receivable reports show zero balances for customer:jobs

Accounts Receivable (A/R) reports include customer:jobs with a zero total balance. This issue affects the following reports:

Why this is happening

Customers that show a zero balance have unapplied debits (invoices, journal entries) and unapplied credits (payments, credit memos, journal entries):

  1. A customer has an unpaid invoice for $100 and you entered a credit memo for $100, but you have not applied the credit memo to the invoice.
  2. You entered a Journal Entry (GJE) to post an entry to a customer, then you entered a reversing GJE in the next accounting period. Both JE s will appear on the reports until you link them in Receive Payments.
How to fix it


KB ID# SLN40686
5/31/2016 6:36:47 PM
PPRDQSSWS406 9132 Pro 2016 cf8209