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Resolve data damage, Part 2: Re-sort the lists in your company data file

  1. QuickBooks stores data pertaining to Customer:Jobs, Vendors, Employees, Other Names, Accounts and Items, as well as other things, in lists.
  2. A particular Customer or Employee or Item is an entry in a list.
  3. Your lists can become damaged. The damage can often be repaired by re-sorting which puts a list back in its default order.
  4. You might not see any changes on the screen, but QuickBooks is making changes in the background.
  5. Any QuickBooks user can re-sort lists.
  6. If you have manually changed the order of a list, re-sorting the list will undo your changes. Back up your company data file to preserve your manual sort.
How to fix it


If these solutions don't resolve the issue, you can read discussions and post messages and questions relating to your issue on the Intuit QuickBooks Community site for free. You can contact an agent for additional guidance. Fees may apply.

The Data Damage Series

This is the second in a series of articles that will guide you through the data damage resolution process.


Usually, when you finish resorting your lists, continue with:

  1. Part 1: Start Here (see link above), OR
  2. Part 3: Find data damage with the Verify Data Utility (See link above).
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