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A paid bill or invoice shows on report or window of open transactions

An "open transactions report" is a generic term for a report or window designed to show only open, i.e., unpaid transactions. These transactions record debits or credits to Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable. They include:

  • Open Invoices Report.
  • A/R Aging Summary.
  • A/R Aging Detail.
  • Unpaid Bills Report.
  • A/P Aging Summary.
  • A/P Aging Detail.
  • A Transaction Summary or Detail report filtered for Paid Status = Open.
  • Reminders List.
  • Customer Snapshot.
  • The Income Tracker.

Note: When an "accrual transaction" is paid it should not show on these reports/windows.

Why is this happening

QuickBooks Desktop does not recognize that a bill or invoice is paid.

The two most common reasons are:

  • A Bill credit or bill payment is entered but not applied to a bill.
  • A credit memo or payment is entered but not applied to an invoice.

Less common causes of this issue are:

  • Aging report preferences are incorrect.
  • Terms set for a bill or invoice are incorrect or terms are set up incorrectly in the Terms List.
  • The date on your server or on your workstation are set incorrectly.
  • The Bill Payment is dated after the date range of the report.
  • Either one or both of the transactions or the link between them is damaged.
How to fix it
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