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Automated Password Reset Tool does not reset password

The QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool does not reset the password successfully.

How to fix it

Important: The following information does not apply to Cash Register Plus.

If your company file is stored on removable media, copy the file to your desktop before attempting to reset the password. Remember to move the file back to the correct QuickBooks location when you are finished.

Any of the following can cause the Automated Password Reset Tool to fail. Click the cause that appears to apply to your situation to expand the solution steps.


If you are still unable to remove the password from your file:
  • If the company file is new or there are not many transactions entered, consider starting a new company file.
    Important: Do not create a new company file if you use the QuickBooks Assisted Payroll Service.
  • If you recently created or changed the password, restore a recent backup that was made before you created the new or changed the old password. To safely restore the backup without overwriting an existing company file, refer to Restoring a backup company file (local backup):
    1. Locate the backup for your company file by searching for [company filename].qbb or [company filename].qbm (portable file).
    2. Review the original company file to determine what data must be reentered. Any information entered in the company file since the backup was created will need to be entered manually after you restore the backup. It is not possible to export transactions from a QuickBooks Desktop company file.
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4/27/2017 2:00:07 AM
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