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Care Plans for QuickBooks Pro & Premier 2011 and later

Enhance your QuickBooks experience and get added peace of mind with a Care Plan!

QuickBooks Care Plan Details

A Care Plan lets you get the most out of QuickBooks:

  • 24/7 Unlimited Phone Support.  Get help when you need it most, including transferring your data during an upgrade.
  • Learn the basics.  We can lead you through the fundamentals of using QuickBooks.
  • Customize your QuickBooks.  Learn how to personalize invoices and create useful reports.
QuickBooks Care Plan Billing Options

Choose between two options:

  • Annual Billing Plan 
    • $299.95 / year - less than $21/month
    • Best Value - A 30% savings over the 3-month plan
  • 90 Day Billing Plan
    • $89.95 / 3 months
    • 3-month basic support coverage as you get started with QuickBooks 

Call now to order: 866-293-1928

Have other QuickBooks Questions and need Answers now?

If so, you can quickly find answers to many of your questions by visiting our QuickBooks support site.  The robust "self-help" features there will enable you to:

  • Install, upgrade, or reinstall QuickBooks software 
  • Search for troubleshooting and other helpful "how-to" type information 
  • Perform important administrative tasks (e.g., manage your account, determine your order status, and look up your license number)
  • Access the QuickBooks Community and view answers to questions posed by other QuickBooks users 
  • Find a local Proadvisor (i.e., a QuickBooks expert in your area that can help you)
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