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Export limitations for QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks

If you're considering exporting list and transaction data from QuickBooks Online (QBO) to another version of QuickBooks, we'd like to provide you with a little information, just so you understand the capabilities and limitations of the process.

After you've read all this, you can view a visual guide to the export process.  

Important: Please take careful note of the limitations listed below for the various list names. Most export errors are due to list names that are too long. If you have any list names that are longer than the limits described here, you must edit the items and shorten the names before exporting.

Sytem Requirements

Software Required:

  • Exporting from QBO requires QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise 2013 or newer installed on your computer. 
  • You can export from QuickBooks Simple Start Online to QuickBooks Simple Start Desktop versions 2004 & 2005, but not to versions 2006 or newer.
  • You can export from QBO to QuickBooks Basic 2004 Release 5 or later, but no older versions.
  • You can't export to the Premier Nonprofit or Retail editions.

Size Limitations:

  • There isn't a known limitation of File Size (MB) for any file generated through the export process.  As long as your system has enough disk space, is setup to where it will not sleep, or turn-off while idle, you should be able to export all data.  The only size limitations would be the limitations of the Desktop program that you are trying to convert to.  For list and item limitations for Desktop products see INF12412.


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