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QuickBooks user license requirements, details, and purchasing

This article answers the following questions about QuickBooks licenses:

  • How many licenses do I need to buy?
  • How many computers can I install my QuickBooks on?
  • How do I purchase another license?


Note:  The full End User License Agreement (EULA) can be viewed here:  www.quickbooks.com/legal

Detailed information

How many licenses do I need to buy?

A simple rule of thumb for licenses is:

1 License Seat = 1 User

In other words, everyone who uses QuickBooks needs to have their own license seat. You need one license seat for every person in your network who will be using QuickBooks. A license can include multiple license seats. For example, you can purchase a 3-user license for QuickBooks. In that case 1 license would cover 3 people who are using QuickBooks (3 license seats): 1 license with 3 seats for 3 users. 
Note:  All QuickBooks licenses can support QuickBooks multi-user access. 


How many computers can I install my QuickBooks on?

You can install QuickBooks for everyone for whom you have a license seat.

If some users have more than one computer, per the QuickBooks Software License Agreement, they can have QuickBooks installed with their license seat on both their work computer and a portable computer.

Here is what the license agreement says:

You may: (a) install the Software on one computer for access and use by only one specific person; and (b) install the Software on one additional portable computer (e.g., a laptop that you own and use in your business), so long as only the same specific person accesses and uses the Software.  (2010 Software License Agreement Section B, Sub-section 1)


How do I purchase another license?

When you purchase a “copy” of QuickBooks, you are usually purchasing a license for 1 user. However, before purchasing additional seats or licenses, it is a good idea to review your purchase documentation to see what you already have.

To see how many users you are licensed for:

  • Review your purchase receipt or purchase confirmation email.
  • Search the license lookup web site for licenses you already registered .
  • In the installed QuickBooks software on each computer, press F2 (or Ctrl+1) to open the Product Information window, which shows your license and the number of seats.
  • Contact Customer Service at 888.246.8848.  (ProAdvisors call 888.250.7279, option 2).

QuickBooks licenses can be purchased in many ways:

  • In QuickBooks, choose Help > Manage My License > Buy Additional License Online.  Then follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Purchase online at quickbooks.com or accountants.intuit.com.
  • ProAdvisors can call their exclusive sales team at 888.250.7279, option 1.
Full QuickBooks License Agreement

The official, full QuickBooks license agreement covering the use of QuickBooks for one user or multiple users is available at www.quickbooks.com/legal.

Section B, sub-section 1 of the Software License Agreement is the most relevant to QuickBooks user license questions.

The information on that site is the ultimate resource on all licensing questions. Please refer to it for definitive, detailed answers.
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