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What is an ND file

 The QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QBServerUtilityMgr.exe) exists to create .ND (Network Data) files. These are configuration files that allow QuickBooks to access a company file in a network or multi-user environment.

An .ND file identifies the database server the program will use. A single-user environment that previously had multi-user access turned on also will contain .ND files.

Detailed information

An .ND file is created in the same folder as the company file and is identified with the addition of .nd:


An .ND file is 1 KB in size. It is a text file that can be opened with and edited in Notepad. .ND files are identified with a text icon.

Files include the information QuickBooks needs to communicate with the server, primarily the IP address and port. It also detects whether the company file is in use.

Sample .ND File (this is what you will see if you open the .ND file in notepad).

//This is QuickBooks configuration File. It exists while users are connected
// to a company file. Do not delete this file yourself. QuickBooks may not
// operate correctly IF you manually delete this file.
ServerIp= <-- SERVER IP ADDRESS (1)
EngineName=QB_TUCD04LKMVHB8_19 <-- SERVER NAME & QB YEAR (2)
ServerPort=55333 <-- PORT THAT IS BEING USED (3)
FilePath=C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Sample Company Files\QuickBooks 2009\sample_product-based business.qbw <-- FULL PATH TO COMPANY FILE (4)
ServerMode=1 <-- 1 FOR HOSTING ON; 2 FOR HOSTING OFF (5)
FileConnectionGuid=afc9ba0354324b038ec31d3611368ba3 <-- USUALLY BLANK (6)


  1. Obtain the server IP address* and compare with what is in the .ND file.
  2. The server name* is in the middle. The QuickBooks database manager version is at the end: 17=2007, 18=2008, 19=2009.
  3. The port needs to be opened in the firewall settings.
  4. Any path other than C: will require additional troubleshooting.
  5. Hosting needs to be on for a file to be opened in a multi-user/network setting.
  6. Usually blank and can be ignored.
NOTE:  Obtain the IP address and server name by going to Start > Run > cmd and typing ipconfig /all in DOS window. The host name is the computer name.

Troubleshooting Tips

Viewing and recreating .ND files can help resolve errors when a company file will not open. Common errors include H101, H202, H303, H505, and -6189, -82. A company file will not open if the .ND file is damaged, incorrect, or if the .QBW file was moved during an upgrade without moving the corresponding .ND file.

The easiest way to resolve an issue with .ND files (incorrect, missing or damaged) is to search the computer containing company files for “*.ND” (remove “ “ when searching). Delete or rename the files (.NDOLD) then use the Database Server Manager to rescan the folders. This will create new files. If no .ND file exists, opening a QuickBooks company file on the computer where the file resides will create it.

When a company file opens, the server name and IP address can be verified by checking the Product Information screen (F2 or ctrl-1).


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