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Intuit QuickBooks Connect - Frequently asked questions

Intuit QuickBooks Connect lets you stay connected to QuickBooks back at the office. Your data stays in sync with QuickBooks at the office and with your mobile phone if you use QuickBooks Mobile, so you always have the latest QuickBooks information at your fingertips.

Important: Intuit QuickBooks Connect is compatible with QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise 2011 and later.

This article answers frequently asked questions about QuickBooks Connect for the web.  If you are looking for information about QuickBooks Mobile for your phone or mobile device, please see Intuit QuickBooks Mobile - Frequently asked questions.

Important: This functionality is only available to current users of QuickBooks Connect.  QuickBooks Connect is not available for new subscriptions because it is being replaced by QuickBooks Mobile.

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