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What is the purpose of Intuit Sync Manager

Intuit Sync Manager synchronizes your QuickBooks company file data with Intuit online services.

Detailed information

Intuit Sync Manager securely uploads your QuickBooks company file data and downloads the changes made to this data in any of the online applications, thereby keeping the data ‘in sync’.

When you subscribe to any of the services that require access to your QuickBooks company file data, you need to set up your company file for sync. This feature is available only for QuickBooks 2009 or later.


What Intuit Sync Manager does not do:

Intuit Sync Manager does not keep two copies of company files in sync. It only keeps your data in QuickBooks and the online applications (such as eBility) in sync.

Intuit Sync Manager does not keep an online backup of your file. It only stores the data online and this is not in a format that can be restored to your QuickBooks.  

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