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Intuit Marketing Center

The Intuit Marketing Center is an easy-to-use web-based marketing service that helps you use QuickBooks to grow your business through email marketing.

You may also hear this referred to as the Email Marketing Center. 

Note: Intuit Marketing Center is available only in QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Simple Start
Intuit Marketing Center is not available for 2011 or later versions of QuickBooks for which Intuit Demandforce is available.

The Intuit Marketing Center leverages the rich data in your QuickBooks company file to present you with recommendations for email campaigns to send to your customers to increase business. Data such as financial and transaction histories are used to keep you informed of your top customers are and to identify customers who haven't purchased from you recently. You can customize both the list that the campaign goes to and the email that is sent out.

  • Encourage customers who haven't purchased recently to come back.
  • Give special offers to your best customers.
  • Send thank you's.

Frequently asked questions about the Intuit Marketing Center



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