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New features and product improvements for Cash Register Plus 2010

This article describes features in Cash Register Plus 2010.


Release 2: February 2010

Update to this release now

What's new?

Make any sale non-taxable: You wanted a way to make a sale non-taxable when selling to a non-profit, government agency, or other non-taxable customer. Now you can! The No Tax button used to work only for ringing up miscellaneous items. Now it works for every item. If you’re selling to a non-taxable customer, simply click No Tax after each item as you ring it up. And, these non-taxed sales are appropriately recorded for your reports and transfer to QuickBooks.

64-bit operating system support:

  • Cash Register Plus 2010 Release 2 is supported for Windows Vista and Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems.
  • The compatible hardware is now supported on 64-bit operating systems, with one exception -- the Ingenico 3070 PIN pad is compatible only with a 32-bit operating system.

Hardware improvements:

  • We’ve added another PIN pad to our supported hardware, the Ingenico 3010.
  • You can now download drivers, and install and test them directly from the INSTALL/TEST HARDWARE screen.

Faster item entry: Previously, when you added an item, you had to save it and return to the items list to add another item. Too many clicks! Too much wasted time! Now, when you’re finished entering your first item, click Save and Add Another to start entering the next item on your list.

Improvements we've made -- you spoke and we listened

  • Better error messaging for credit card authorization: New messaging helps you quickly identify processing problems so you can resolve them faster.
  • Sales by Day report now prints correctly after sorting: This report had a bug. If you sorted the data, everything looked fine, but when you printed it, everything was jumbled. We fixed the problem so the report prints just the way you see it on your screen.
  • Cash drawer opens before the receipt prints: In earlier versions, the cash drawer wouldn’t open until the receipt completed printing. Users told us that this slowed down the customer line at the register. Now the cash drawer opens right away, so you can serve your customers faster.
  • Password no longer expires every 90 days: Many of you didn’t like being forced to change your password every 90 days. Now, you can change it whenever you like, or never change it at all. We won’t make you change it.
  • You can leave Cash Register Plus was open past midnight: There was a problem running some reports if you had Cash Register Plus open past midnight. It also created unbalanced payments when exporting to QuickBooks. These problems are now fixed.
  • New “Transaction Completed” message: Some users mentioned that they weren’t always sure when a transaction was. Now, we post a message when the transaction is complete.

Release 1: September 2009

What's new?

Clock in and out with a fully-integrated time clock

  • Both you and your employees can now clock in and out and track your hours worked, directly within Cash Register Plus 2010.
  • Two time-clock reports are included so you can quickly see the total hours worked or details for a particular day.
  • If there’s a problem, say a cashier forgot to clock out, he or she can report it directly within the time clock feature. Then the admin (or another user with the appropriate user permission) can see the problem and fix it.
  • You can export hours to QuickBooks so you don’t need to manually enter them for payroll.

Tips cash-out feature
We've added the ability to cash out tips. You’ll find this feature on the Manage Tips tab in the End-of-Day tasks, to help ensure that you cash out your tips before reconciling your cash drawer.

We also moved the Tips by Cashier report to the new Employees reports category. And it has a new name -- Tips by Employee.

Note: To use the integrated tips feature, you need to use the Intuit Merchant Service for credit and debit card processing.

New Citizen receipt printer support
We now support the Citizen CT-S310 receipt printer, Part No. CT-S310-316698 (USB) 

Improvements we've made -- you spoke and we listened

  • You can now organize your items list in any order, not just A-Z or Z-A. It works the same way as the Departments Change Button Order feature. In the Items Detail list, click Change Button Order then move the items into any order you like. 
  • Also on the Items list, we’ve moved the Manage Depts and Add New Item buttons inside the Show Details/Edit window so you can get to everything from one place.
  • There is a new reports category for Employees where you'll find employee-related sales, time clock, and tip reports.
  • Speed and performance have improved, so it's faster to sign in and get started.
  • We've improved the Quick Add workflow when scanning a barcode for a new item.  
  • We’ve added assistance for importing your customers, items, and departments. In the Import Wizard, after choosing what you want to import, click the blue link for detailed instructions, guidelines, and troubleshooting information.
  • When processing credit cards, the credit card authorization field now accepts alphanumeric characters. Previously it accepted only numeric characters.
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