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Intuit Sync Manager - frequently asked questions


Intuit Sync Manager synchronizes your QuickBooks company file data with Intuit online services and third-party developed applications that you may subscribe to.  To make it easier for you to use these connected services, Intuit Sync Manager is installed when you install QuickBooks and it cannot be uninstalled separate from QuickBooks, however it will not sync your file unless you set it up to do so. 

When you subscribe to any of the services on the Intuit App Center that require access to your QuickBooks company file data, you need to set up your company file for sync.

After you first upload your QuickBooks data, ongoing syncs occur on a regular schedule to keep your QuickBooks data and online data the same.

Use Intuit Sync Manager to find the status of your latest QuickBooks data sync, manage sync frequency, and stop or start syncs at any time.

If you have already set up Intuit Sync Manager, take the following steps to see detailed information about the company file that is syncing:

  1. Open Intuit Sync Manager.
    • In QBW 2013 and later, choose File > Sync > Show Sync Status.
    • In QBW 2012 and prior, choose Online Services (or Online Solutions) > Manage Solutions Show Sync Status.
  2. If you do not see your Company File(s) listed in the Intuit Sync Manager window, go to Options and select Show Details.
  3. Right-click the company file and choose Company Info.
  4. The Company Information window displays the company file name you used when you signed up for the online service, the location of that company file on your system, and your Intuit Account User ID.

Important: If you have not yet set up Intuit Sync Manager, the above steps will not work.

Note: While you cannot remove Intuit Sync Manager entirely, if you are not using it to sync any files, you can prevent it from launching when your system starts up.  Please see Remove Intuit Sync Manager from Startup.

For detailed information about Intuit Sync Manager, click the questions below.

Detailed information

Answers to commonly asked questions: 

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How long will it take to upload or sync my QuickBooks data?

What can or can't I do during an upload or sync?

How often is my QuickBooks data synced?

How can I stop or start QuickBooks data syncs?

Can I sync a company file to my online services from different machines?

Can I retrieve a QuickBooks company file from my online services?

What company files are listed in my Sync Manager?

Can I move, copy, or rename a synced QuickBooks company file?

How can I remove a company file from my Sync Manager list?

How do I back up and restore a synced company file? 

How do I clear the sync settings in a company file?

How do I stop Intuit Sync Manager from running when my system starts up?


If you subscribe to an Intuit connected service or you have an active subscription for assisted support, you can call us at 800.450.8475 to speak with an agent.

If you subscribe to a 3rd-party developer application that connects with QuickBooks, please contact the 3rd party developer for assistance.



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