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Running QuickBooks multi-user on a network from a single installation

QuickBooks is a multi-user program, as opposed to a "true" network program. Network programs are typically installed on a single server or workstation, and then accessed from that installation by multiple users simultaneously. In contrast, every QuickBooks user on the network must have a separate, licensed copy of QuickBooks installed on their local workstations.

However, while the QuickBooks program must be installed on each workstation, the company data file can be stored on a single server or workstation and accessed by multiple users. QuickBooks allows up to five users (15 users for QuickBooks Enterprise) simultaneous access to the data file across the network.

Note: QuickBooks Enterprise 7.0 and above allows 20 users.





You can learn about Setting up a network or multi-user environment.

The only exception to the above is if QuickBooks is deployed on your network in a Microsoft Terminal Server environment. Note: Microsoft Terminal Server is supported for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions only. Intuit does not support any other version of QuickBooks in a Terminal Server environment. Additional information on QuickBooks support for Microsoft Terminal Server can be found here.



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