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Set up Microsoft Outlook email in QuickBooks

You can email QuickBooks transactions and reports through Microsoft Outlook. You'll find the settings in QuickBooks preferences.

Detailed instructions

Set up QuickBooks with Microsoft Outlook

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  1. If you have the Choose your Email Method message open, click the Setup my email now button.

    Choose your email method image
  2. (Optional) If you don't have the message open, open preferences by choosing Preferences from the Edit menu.

  3. Along the left side of the Preferences window, select Send Forms.
  4. Click the My Preferences tab.
  5. Select Outlook and click OK.

Note: If you haven't already setup Outlook, you need to do that before using it in QuickBooks.

Setup Outlook:

    Create an email profile. For steps, refer to How to create and configure an email profile in Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, and Outlook 2003.
    Important: You will need the following information to set up Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2003 as your email client (you may need to contact your ISP for server information):

      • Username
      • Password
      • Incoming email server address
      • Incoming email server type
      • Outgoing email server address

You may also setup other email providers.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, you can read discussions and post messages and questions relating to your issue on the Intuit QuickBooks Community site for free or you can contact a technical support agent for additional guidance. Fees may apply.

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