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Using the Quicken to QuickBooks Conversion Tool

The Quicken Conversion Tool will assist with converting your Quicken file from an older release of Quicken to the newer Quicken format which can then be read by QuickBooks 2014 or later.

Detailed instructions

Please see the steps below on how to download and use the Quicken to QuickBooks convertor tool.  You do not need to run this tool, if you are converting the same year or Quicken to the same year of QuickBooks.  For example, if you have your Quicken file in 2015 Quicken, and have QuickBooks 2015, you do not need to run the the tool, instead, see Converting data from Quicken to QuickBooks for more details.

If your QuickBooks year is newer than your Quicken version, you will need to run the tool below.  For example, if your Quicken file is in 2014 Quicken, and you just bought QuickBooks 2016, you will need to run the Quicken 2016 Converter tool below to convert your Quicken 2016 file to QuickBooks 2016 format.

Download the converter for what you need:


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