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Report of customer payments and invoices and deposits to which they are linked

This report, based on the Check Detail report, shows customer payments you have received and the invoices and deposits to which the payments are linked. When formatted properly, it can function as a Customer Remittance report showing each Invoice and each Customer Payment. 

There is not a report in QuickBooks that will give you this information automatically. A report will have to be filtered to get this information.


Detailed Instructions
  1. From the top Reports menu, choose Banking > Check Detail.
  2. Select Customize Report in the upper left hand corner of the report.
  3. From the General/Display tab, choose the appropriate date range.
  4. From the Filters tab, remove all selected filters under the Current Filter Choices.
  5. Select the filter for Transaction Type and choose Payment.
  6. Select the filter for Detail Level and choose All Except Summary.
  7. Select OK.

The Report will now show all payments along with the invoices and deposits they are linked to.

Note: If the Detail level filter is selected as Summary Only, it will only show linked deposits.

Note: You can filter this report for specific customers by choosing the Name filter and narrowing down to a single name or type of name.

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11/27/2015 3:47:49 AM
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