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Import items into your company data file from an Excel spreadsheet


  1. If  you are importing existing inventory items, you cannot update their Quantity On Hand (QOH), value on hand (VOH) or average cost.
  2. For new inventory items you are importing, you can set up a Quantity On Hand (QOH) and a Value on Hand (VOH) and establish an average cost. QuickBooks enters an Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand debiting the item's asset account and crediting Opening Balance Equity
  3. Before importing any data or any kind into your company data file, backup your data file without overwriting any previous backups.

To import items into your QuickBooks company data file. You will need to:

  1. Create a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel listing the items and their properties.
  2. Utilize the Advanced Import feature.
  3. Create a mapping to translate your spreadsheet into QuickBooks format.
  4. Import the items.
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