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Import items into your company data file from an Excel spreadsheet

  • If  you are importing existing inventory items, you cannot update their Quantity On Hand (QOH), value on hand (VOH) or average cost.
  • For new inventory items you are importing, you can set up a Quantity On Hand (QOH) and a Value on Hand (VOH) and establish an average cost. QuickBooks enters an Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand debiting the item's asset account and crediting Opening Balance Equity
  • If you want to import item quantities or values and you have Advanced Inventory and Multiple Inventory Sites enabled, you must disable Multiple Inventory SItes before importing.
  • Before importing any data or any kind into your company data file, backup your data file without overwriting any previous backups.
  • You cannot import Subtotal, Payment, and Sales tax items via the Advanced Import function, but you can import them in an IIF file.
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