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Printing Envelopes for Customers, Vendors, and/or Employees

How to create and print envelopes for customers, vendors, and/or employees.
Solution Description
To create and print envelopes, please do the following:
  1. From the QuickBooks Company menu, choose Prepared Letters with Envelopes.
  2. Select Vendor Letters and then click Next.
  3. In the Write Letters window, select Create a New Letter from Scratch, and then click Next.
  4. In the Name the letter field, type a name for this letter template (e.g. Customer Envelopes, Vendor Envelopes).
  5. Select the names with which this template will be used, and then click Create Letter. This will open a Microsoft(R) Word(R) document.
  6. From the Word File menu, choose Page Setup.
    1. On the Margins tab, type 0.5" in each of the margin fields, including the Header and Footer fields.
    2. Click the Paper Size tab, select Envelope #10 from the Paper Size drop-down menu.
    3. Select Landscape as the Orientation.
    4. Click OK.

  7. To enter a return address on the upper left corner of the envelope:
    1. On the QuickBooks [Customers] Letter Fields toolbar, click Insert My Company Fields, and then select My Company Name.
    2. Press Enter to insert a line break.
    3. Click Insert my Company Fields, and select My Legal Company Name (if different than your company name).
    4. Press Enter to insert a line break.
    5. Click Insert My Company Fields, and then select My Company's Full Address.

  8. Press Enter seven times to move to the position for entering the [customer's] address:
    1. From the Format menu, choose Paragraph.
    2. Under Indention, enter 4" in the Left field, and then click OK.
    3. On the QuickBooks [Customers] Letter Fields toolbar, click Insert Name Fields, and then select Full Address.
    4. From the File menu, choose Save as, and then save the template to the QuickBooks Letters directory.
    5. Exit Word, and return to QuickBooks.
    6. From the QuickBooks Company menu, choose Write Letters, select Prepare Another Type of Letter (or Prepare a Collection Letter, if you wish to use envelopes only for customers that meet certain criteria), and then click Next.
    7. In the Write Letters window, select the name list that the new template was created under, and then select the new template from the Letters available for the selected list.
    8. Click Next.
    9. Choose who you want to include envelopes for. You can choose to include names that are active, inactive, or both.
    10. Click Next.
    11. Do not enter anything in the "Enter What You Want at the End of the Letter" area.
    12. Click Create Letters.
    13. Load the envelopes into the printer.
    14. From the Word File menu, choose Print Preview to review the envelopes, and then choose Print from the File menu.

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