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Apply a markup to an invoice

Markups can be applied to a portion or to the entirety of an invoice by adding an Other Charge item beneath any given line item.

Detailed instructions
To apply a markup to an invoice:
  1. Create an Other Charge item with the Amount field populated with the percentage amount of the markup.
    1. Click Lists on the top menu bar, then Items.
    2. Click the Item button at the bottom and select New (or press Ctrl + N).
    3. Choose Other Charge as the type and create a name that will show on the invoice.
    4. Put a percentage in the Amount field (Example: 35% or 10%).
    5. Fill in the Account field.
    6. Click OK.

Applying a markup to one line item:

Place the Other Charge item directly under the line item the markup is to be applied to. The Markup item will only calculate against the line directly above it:

Applying a markup to an entire invoice:
  1. Create a Subtotal item by selecting Subtotal as the item type when creating a new item in the Item List.
  2. Add the Subtotal item directly beneath the group of items the markup is to be applied to.
  3. Place the Markup item below the Subtotal item that was added to the invoice.  



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4/28/2017 10:50:16 AM
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