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Job Profitability Report: Filter by Custom Fields or Sort by Class

You can use custom fields to filter jobs and sort by class on the Job Profitability reports.

Solution Description

To setup the custom field on job profitability reports:

  1. First, edit the Item you will use for tracking. For example, if you have a service item you use to track as part of a job, edit the service item on the item list.
    1. Click the Lists menu up top and click on Item List.
    2. Right-click and choose edit on the Item.
    3. Click the Custom Fields button.
    4. Click Define Custom Fields.
    5. Click the Use box and type in a name for the custom field and click OK when done.
  2. Go to an Invoice and fill in the information for the invoice. You need to customize the invoice to reflect the custom field:
    1. On the Invoice, click the Customization button.
    2. Click Additional Customization.
    3. Click the Columns tab.
    4. On the columns tab, place a check mark next to the custom field you created under Screen (you can check mark the Print box as well if you want to print the custom field on the invoice).
    5. Click OK.
  3. Run a Job Profitability Summary/Detail Report. Filter the Custom Field on the Job Profitability Reports by doing the following:
    1. On the Job Profitability Report (Summary or Detail), click the Modify report button.
    2. Click the Filters tab.
    3. Scroll down under filters and select the custom field you created.
    4. Here you can type in the first few words of the custom field and hit OK when done to filter the report for the custom field.
    5. You can also filter by multiple custom fields by using a space after the first few words of one custom field followed by the first few words of the second custom field. For example, if you have 2 custom fields (east and west), you can type in "eas wes" and that would filter for both custom fields in step 4 above.

One limitation is that you cannot sort the report by custom field.  If you want to sort by custom field, you could use Classes instead of custom fields and the Job Profitability reports will allow you to sort by Class.

Also, if you choose either of the 2 methods (custom fields or classes), you will need to make the above changes per Invoice (transaction).


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