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Installing QuickBooks on a Computer Without a CD Drive

The user wishes to install QuickBooks; however, some computers (Servers or Laptops) may not have a CD drive.
Solution Description
In order to install QuickBooks on a computer without a CD drive, you can:
  • Download QuickBooks from the internet
  • Share a CD drive on a networked computer and pull the installation from it.
  • Copy the installation files onto a flash drive/thumb drive, and move them to the computer to install.
Solution Details
Downloading QuickBooks from the Internet:
  1. From the computer without the CD drive, download the appropriate version of QuickBooks.
  2. Run the Installation from the that computer.
Sharing a CD drive on a networked computer:
  1. On a networked computer that has a CD drive, share the CD drive.
    1. Go to My Computer.
    2. Right click on the CD drive and select Sharing and Security.
    3. Select the radio button that says Share this folder.
    4. Click Apply.
    5. Click OK.
  2. Collect the Computer Name of the computer with the CD drive.
    1. Right-click on My Computer.
    2. Click the Computer Name tab
    3. Notate Full Computer name
  3. From the computer without the CD drive, select Start>Run.
  4. Enter "\\[Computer name gathered in Step 2]" (without the quotes)
  5. Click OK.
  6. Double-click on the drive letter that represents the CD drive
  7. Double-click the Setup.exe file.
The installation will now run from that CD on the network but will install locally.
Using a flash drive to install the program:
  1. On a machine with a CD Drive, insert the QuickBooks installation CD.
    Note: If the Installation Wizard auto-starts, hit the ESC key. This will cancel the process.
  2. Right click on Start (Windows Logo icon), select Open Windows Explorer (Microsoft Windows Vista & 7) or select File Explorer (Micorsoft Windows 8 & 8.1).  This will open the Windows Explorer to your drive list.
  3. Right-click the CD Drive and select Explore (or Open). This will display the contents of the QuickBooks installation CD.
  4. While holding down the CTRL key, left-click on the QBOOKS and THIRDPARTY folders. This will highlight them both.
  5. With the two folders highlighted, hold down the CTRL key + C, to copy the folders to the Windows Clipboard.
  6. Close the Windows Explorer window.
  7. Right-click on the Windows Desktop, and within the options menu, browse to New, and select Folder.
  8. Enter a name for the folder (such as QuickBooks [year] Installation Folder), and hit the Enter key, to save the name.
  9. Right-click on the new folder, and select Paste, to paste the copied contents of the CD to this folder.
  10. Right-click on the folder again, and select Copy. This will copy the new folder to the Windows Clipboard.
  11. Insert your flash drive into an open USB slot.
  12. Right click on Start (Windows Logo icon), select Open Windows Explorer (Microsoft Windows Vista & 7) or select File Explorer (Micorsoft Windows 8 & 8.1).  This will open the Windows Explorer to your drive list, again.
  13. Locate the drive letter for the flash drive, and double-click on it. This will open the flash drive.
  14. Right-click an empty space, within the flash drive, and select Paste. The newly created folder and its contents will now be copied to the flash drive.
  15. Properly remove the flash drive from this computer.
  16. Bring the flash drive to the computer to which you wish to install QuickBooks, and insert the flash drive into an available USB slot.
  17. Open the flash drive, using the Windows Explorer (See Step 2).
  18. Open the flash drive, and locate the folder containing the copied installation files.
  19. Right-click on the folder, and choose Copy.
  20. Close the Windows Explorer window.
  21. Right-click on the Windows Desktop, and choose Paste.
  22. Once the folder has been copied to the Windows Desktop, open the folder.
  23. Locate and open the QBOOKS folder, and double-click on the QuickBooks.msi file. This will begin the installation process.

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