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Start a new company file: Export lists from the old data file and import them into the new data file

Note: If your are installing QuickBooks or just starting to use QuickBooks, this article is not for you. This article is for users who have been using QuickBooks for some time and need to stop using their current file and start using an new file.

When you decide it is time to create a new data file, you can:

  1. Export some or all of the lists from your old company data file.
  2. Open the lists, one by one, in Microsoft Excel and clean them up.
  3. Import them into your new company file.

For example:

  1. It the old file has a lot of customers, export the customer list, open the export file in a MIcrosoft Excel, delete old customers, then import the list into your new file.
  2. If there are a lot of employees who no longer work for the company, export and import the vendors and customers list, but enter the current employees manually.
  3. If you track inventory in your old company file but will not track it in your new file, export the item list, change the item types to non-inventory part in a spreadsheet, and then import the list into your new file.
  1. If you have Direct Deposit or Assisted Payroll, you must contact them FIRST so that they can set up your new data file and all of the info they need. Then you can import your item, customer, etc., lists and set up opening balances.
  2. If your lists are damaged:
    • Exporting them and then importing them into your new file can copy the damage into your new file.
    • If you suspect that your lists are damaged, import them and then check for the issues that caused you to start a new company file.
    • If the issues exist in the new file, you should manually enter the lists into your new file.

  3. The procedure described below may be simple and straightforward, but make no mistake about it, it takes a lot of time and effort to complete it. Please do not undertake starting a new data file lightly.
  4. You cannot export existing transactions from your old company file. Moving transactions from one company file to another requires a third party software.
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