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Create a cash receipts journal report

This report shows you all of the payments you have received and deposits you have made within the selected time period, with a subtotal for each customer, and a grand total at the bottom of the report.

Detailed instructions
  1. In the menu bar (2011 and earlier), select Reports then Custom Transaction Detail Report.
  2. In the menu bar (2012 and later), select Reports, then Custom Reports , then Transaction Detail.
  3. Enter the appropriate date range.
  4. In the Columns box, check off the following columns: Type, Date, Num, Memo, Clr, Split and Amount
  5. From the Total by drop-down, select Customer, you may wish to select different criteria, e.g. Total by account or Total by month. 
  6. Click the Filters tab and select Transaction type from the Filters box .
  7. Choose Multiple transactions from the drop down
  8. Check off the following transaction types, then click OK: Deposit, Sales Receipt, Invoice and Payment.
  9. Choose the Detail level filter and select Summary only.
  10. Click OK.

Note: Whenever there is more than one split account, the report will show the word SPLIT in the Split column. This report will not show each split account by name.


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