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Open Invoice report with item names and descriptions

The default Open Invoice report QuickBooks creates, cannot be modified to display the Item Name or the Item Description from invoices. 
The default Open Report will only display the source information of the invoice and not the target information. 
A Custom Transaction Detail Report will need to be created in order to display the Open Invoices and invoice detail such as Item Name and Item Description.
Solution Description
To create a custom report:
  1. In QuickBooks: Go to Reports > Custom Reports > Transaction Detail.
  2. Click on the Customize Report option.
  3. On the Display tab change the 'Total By' option to 'Customer'
  4. On the Display tab place a check mark next to Item and Item Description under Columns.(You can also deselect any columns you do not want (i.e. Debit & Credit).
  5. Click the Filters tab.
  6. In the Choose Filter window select Transaction Type, Under the Transaction Type select Invoice.
  7. In the Choose Filter window select Detail Level, Under Detail Level select All except Summary.
  8. In the Choose Filter window select 'Paid Status', select Open.
  9. Click OK. 
  10. The report will now display open invoices as well as the detail from the invoices including item names and descriptions. The report can now be memorized for future use.

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