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Convert from Peachtree to QuickBooks

You can use the QuickBooks Conversion Tool to convert from Sage/PeachTree 2010 or later to QuickBooks 2013 or later. 

Detailed instructions

Step 1: Sage/Peachtree company file access

Before you start the conversion, please set the data access credentials for the Peachtree company file.

  1. Launch the Peachtree Sage application and open your company file you wish to convert.
  2. Go to Main Menu > Maintain > Users > Setup Security and click the Data Access/Crystal Reports tab.
  3. Click the “With the following login information:” button.
    Note: “Peachtree” is set as the hard coded ID in the 2015 version.
  4. Set a new password by clicking the Change button.
  5. After you set the password, close Sage/PeachTree.

Step 2: Peachtree Source Company File Selection

  1. Download and Install the QuickBooks Conversion Tool.exe and make sure you Run it as Administrator.
    Important: After you install the tool, right-click on the QuickBooks Conversion Tool shortcut and choose Run as Administrator each time you use it.
  2. Click on the Browse button, to select Sage/Peachtree company file.
  3. Choose the company name from the “Pervasive 32-bit ODBC engine DSN setup” window.
  4. Press OK button after selecting your company file name.
  5. Enter your Sage/Peachtree company file password and press Next.
  6. Select the QuickBooks product you are converting to and specify the QuickBooks Company file location by clicking Browse button, then press Next.
    Note : The default save location is C:\USERS\YOURUSERNAME\My Documents, unless you specify your own location.
  7. The Ready to Convert window will show your the conversion information.. Click Convert File to start the conversion process.
  8. After you press the Convert File button, the QuickBooks Conversion Tool will start the conversion process. Please be patient as this goes through the process of converting your data. Once finished, you should see the finished window. Press the Open in QuickBooks button.
  9. Check to make sure everything completed correctly.

Step 3: Verify the results

If you find any missing transactions, be sure to check the failed transaction log file located at: C:\USERS\YOURUSERNAME\My Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks ConversionTool\

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