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Time clock use and management

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The following topcs are covered:

Clock in and out

To clock in and out, employees must sign in using their password.

You can clock in directly from the sign-in screen, or if Cash Register Plus is already open to the main screen, you can clock in from there.

  1. Click the ADMIN tab.
  2. Click Time Clock.
  3. Enter your password and click Time Clock Sign-in.
    Note: Even if you’re signed in to use the cash register, you’ll need to sign in again to access the time clock.
  4. On the Time Clock screen, click Clock In or Clock Out.


Report a time clock problem

Say you forgot to clock out for one of your shifts. You can submit a problem report to your manager so the hours can be corrected.

  1. On the Time Clock screen (the same screen where you clock in and out), select the date with the problem.
  2. Click Report a Problem.
  3. Enter information about the problem then click Submit.
  4. You’ll see a warning icon and the note you just submitted.

When your manager signs in to check hours, he or she will see the message and make the adjustment to your hours. When you see a checkmark next to your problem, you’ll know it’s been fixed by your manager.


How time gets recorded

The time clock only records completed minutes. Anything less than 60 seconds shows as 0 minutes, between 1 and 2 minutes shows as 1 minute, and so on.


Fix a time clock problem
  1. Select the ADMIN tab.
  2. Click Time Clock.
  3. Enter your password and click Time Clock Sign-in.
    Note: Even if you’re signed in to the cash register, you’ll still need to sign in to access the time clock.
  4. Select the Manage Hours tab.
  5. Check the list to see if any of your employees reported a problem with their hours. If so, select the time record that has the problem then click Show/Edit Details.
  6. Make the necessary changes then click Submit.
    You’ll see a checkmark next to the problem (to show that the problem was resolved). The new time appears in the Hours Worked column.


Export hours to QuickBooks



Guidelines for exporting hours worked


  • Before exporting any hours to QuickBooks, make sure you verify and correct your employees’ hours. Otherwise, you'll need to manually fix the hours in QuickBooks as well. You can’t make changes and re-export the hours.
  • Export hours only once per pay period, AFTER all corrections have been made.

To include hours worked when you export data to QuickBooks, you include them with your regular data export.

  1. Select the ADMIN tab.
  2. Click Export to QuickBooks.
  3. When filling in the fields, select the Include time clock hours with exported data checkbox.
  4. Complete your data export as usual.

Limitations when exporting time clock hours to QuickBooks

  • You can’t export hours to QuickBooks Simple Start.
  • You should only export hours to QuickBooks if you run your payroll through QuickBooks.
  • The employee names in Cash Register Plus must match exactly with the employee names in QuickBooks. For example, if you’re using the generic “admin” and “cashier” names in Cash Register Plus, but you’re using the actual employee names in QuickBooks, the hours won’t be imported. You’ll need to add the real employee names to Cash Register Plus then clock in under those employee names (and no longer user “admin” and “cashier” to clock in and out).
  • Employees in QuickBooks must already be set up for payroll. Also, when setting up your employees, be sure to select the check box that allows you to import hours to the timesheet for that employee. Otherwise, the hours won’t export import from Cash Register Plus.


What if I still have questions?

Look for additional help at the Intuit Community Cash Register Plus web site, where Cash Register Plus users can ask questions and post answers.

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