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Connectivity Results of the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

You can use the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool to troubleshoot H202, H505, and 6000 series errors in QuickBooks. Intuit recommends first searching our support website using the specific error you've seen. These errors might occur when you open a company file in a multi-user, networked environment.

The Diagnose Connection tab

Once you download and install the tool, you can begin to diagnose connectivity on your computer.

Diagnose connection tab image

The Diagnose Connection tab is the first tab you'll use in the tool and is divided into three sections:

The Scan Folders tab

Scan Folder tab image

Important: The Scan Folders tab is available only when the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is installed on a computer that has the QuickBooks Database Server Manager installed.

The Scan Folders tab can find damage in the QuickBooks Network Data files (.nd files) where critical company file hosting information is stored. It can also corrects or sets permissions required for QuickBooks to operate in a multi-user environment. You can also use the Share Folders button to share the folder in Windows with the necessary users.

The View Log tab

The View Log tab displays the contents of the log file, which records unforeseen conditions, errors, and QuickBooks messages. The log file does not record Windows errors, or errors from other applications. Use this with the assistance of a support agent.

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