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Remove a discount from a customer payment

A discount was used to pay off the balance of an invoice, but was not applied to the invoice using a discount item.

When the user pulls up the customer payment, they can see the discount, but do not know how to edit the discount field.

Detailed Instructions


  1. Locate the invoice that the discount was applied to
  2. With the invoice open, view the invoice history (press Ctrl+H)
  3. Select the discount transaction and click Go To (this will open the Receive Payments window)
  4. Highlight the invoice that the discount was applied to
  5. Click the Discount & Credits button
  6. Select the Discount tab
  7. Highlight the discount amount in the Amount of Discount field and delete it
  8. Click Done
  9. Save & Close the payment
  10. Now the discount is removed from the invoice

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To remove the discount from the customer payment:

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