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Create or re-create the qbregistration.dat file

If the qbregistration.dat file is not created, created incorrectly, or becomes corrupted, you can create it yourself manually.

Note: following these steps will not effect the data in your Company File.

Detailed instructions

For the steps below, you will need your license and product numbers.

To create the qbregistration.dat file:

  1. Browse to the QuickBooks folder where qbregistration.dat should be located. The
    folder location depends on your version of Windows:
  2. Windows 10, 8, 7 or Vista: C:\ProgramData\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks
  3. If qbregistration.dat already exists, rename it qbregistration.old.
  4. On your keyboard, press Windows + R to open the Run window. Enter notepad in the Open field and then click OK.
  5. Important: The text in bold blue will need to be replaced with the information provided in step 6. The bold blue text will appear as regular text in Notepad. Copy the following text into Notepad.



  1. After pasting the text into Notepad, replace the bold blue items accordingly:


  • Replace with 26.0 if you have QuickBooks 2016
  • Replace with 25.0 if you have QuickBooks 2015
  • Replace with 24.0 if you have QuickBooks 2014
  • Replace with 23.0 if you have QuickBooks 2013


  • Replace with atom if you have QuickBooks Simple Start.
  • Replace with pro if you have QuickBooks Pro.
  • Replace with superpro if you have QuickBooks Premier (not Accountant Edition).
  • Replace with accountant if you have QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition.
  • Replace with bel if you have QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (not Accountant Edition).
  • Replace with belacct if you have QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Accountant Edition.


Replace with your QuickBooks installation product number.


Replace with your QuickBooks license number.

  1. Save the file with the name qbregistration.dat. In the Save as type list, choose All Files.
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