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Convert your data from another program with the QuickBooks Conversion Tool

You need to convert your company data file from another program into QuickBooks. The QuickBooks Conversion Tool is a free program that imports business data, account balances, and transactions from other financial software into QuickBooks. 

Detailed instructions
Are you ready to convert your data?

Please note these system requirements for the QuickBooks Conversion Tool:
- QuickBooks must be installed and registered (Pro, Premier, or Enterprise Solutions 2014 or higher)
- Peachtree (any version 2001 or later) or Microsoft SBA 2006 or Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 must be installed
- Windows Vista
- 512 MB of RAM or greater
- NET 2.0 framework must be installed

Is your data already in QuickBooks format?
If your data is already in QuickBooks format, you do not need a special conversion tool. Refer to Converting or upgrading between different versions of QuickBooks.

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