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Convert QuickBooks Online company file to QuickBooks desktop

To convert a QuickBooks Online Edition company file to a desktop version of QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, or QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, use the Export Interview and follow the instructions to export either Lists only or Lists and Transactions.


  • QuickBooks Online Edition (QBOE) will export entire company files only.
  • Data can be exported into a new desktop company file only.
  • Data that was not imported into QBOE has been removed from the file and cannot be exported. One example of this is memorized transactions. That data will need to be recreated in your desktop version after you convert.
Detailed instructions

Exporting from QBO to other versions of QuickBooks:

Requirements for the export:

  • You must be at least a Master Administrator or Company Administrator user to export or you'll get an error that you don't have rights to use this feature.
  • You must be using a PC and running Internet Explorer 10 or higher in 32-bit mode.

Things to do before the export:

  • Check to see that all recurring transactions (if any) are completed for the day.
  • Make sure that no other users are making changes to the file during the time of the export.

After the export file is requested and the Prepare data button is clicked, don't make any changes to the company file until you receive an email stating that the export is complete. This will prevent an error from occurring and the file not being created.

Important: To save time and avoid errors, please make sure you are familiar with the export limitations before beginning the export process. The limitations are listed in Export Limitations.

Note: Exporting your company file doesn't cancel your QBO subscription.


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