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Changing account information in the QuickBooks Online backup computer


You might need to change the account number for the QuickBooks Online backup computer if one of the following occurs:

  • You were previously using QuickBooks Online Backup and were paying for the service, but now have a support plan that includes the service.
  • You receive an error, "RA2006: Invalid Passphrase" when trying to use the service.
Detailed Instructions


To change account information in the QuickBooks Online backup computer:

  1. Click the Microsoft Windows Start button and select Search.
  2. Search for Onlinebackupsettings.exe.
    • If Onlinebackupsettings.exe appears in the results pane, skip to step 3.
    • If Onlinebackupsettings.exe does not appear in the results pane, search for PersonalizeRegistry.exe. If that is not found, try the search again but select More Advanced Options and check Search hidden files and folders.
  3. Double-click the file to open the application.
  4. Edit the account information that is stored on the QuickBooks Online backup client computer. Note: You must be connected to the Internet to complete the changes.
    1. In the Account ID field, enter the new Account ID . Note: the Account ID must be 8 characters long, start with the number 1, and cannot contain any spaces.
    2. Enter the password in the Password field, and then press OK. Note: Passwords are case and space sensitive.

If you are unsure of your new Account ID, please refer to the QuickBooks Online Backup Welcome e-mail.

If this solution does not resolve the issue, review other available Intuit support options for additional guidance.

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